Sunday, Oct, 16th, 2011

7:00pm – 8:00pm

M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater • 1323-A 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica CA 90401 • ph: 310.451.0850

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Performer line-up so far….

Sunday, October 16th, 2011:

:: The Writer Monkeys ::

J. Keith van Straaten

Writer Monkeys! Producer and Writer Monkey, J. Keith van Straaten has appeared in storytelling shows in Los Angeles and New York, including Sit ‘N’ Spin, The Liar Show, Pinata, Rant & Rave, Tongue & Groove, Word Salad, and his co-creation, Writer Monkeys. He’s written blogs and movie guides for Yahoo!, lyrics for ABC News, sketches for Clear Channel Radio, singles columns for The Jewish Journal, and jokes for a cable TV dominatrix with heart of gold.

Nicole Criona

Writer Monkeys! Producer and Writer Monkey, Nicole Criona is also the co-founder and owner of where she accidentally found herself running a creative writing workshop business and running writers groups for nearly nine years.  In addition to experimental fiction, short fiction, and poetry publication credits, she most recently sold a short story written in 2nd person that was published as story of the week by Narrative Magazine.  She also used to work for George Carlin.  That seems to have cachet so she mentions it whenever she can.

Valerie Watson

Valerie Watson has written for sitcoms (“3rd Rock From the Sun”), game shows (“The Weakest Link,” “The Singing Bee”), and hourlong dramas (a spec pilot—wanna read it?). Her hippest credit is that she would have been on the writing staff of “Heat Vision and Jack” if Fox had been prescient enough to pick it up. Also, she once hugged Mr. T.

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan is a former Pulitzer-Prize nominated newspaper reporter, former morning radio host and former nationally touring stand-up comedian. He was also the membership director at Writers Boot Camp.  He’s also an in-demand auctioneer, is working on a book titled, “The Tooth Fairy Doesn’t Pay for Yellow Teeth, and other Effective Lies I’ve told my Children,” and is in first place in his Fantasy Football league.

Mike Brennan

:: The Improv Monkeys ::

Eliza Skinner

Eliza Skinner

Eliza Skinner is a comedian and regular performer at the UCB Theater (NY and LA). She performs musical improv with Diamond Lion and Baby Wants Candy, and co-hosts (with DC Pierson) Magic Bag – a weekly stand-up comedy show in Hollywood. RuPaul once called her “Shelarious!” too. So… that happened.

Erin Whitehead

Erin Whitehead

Erin Whitehead is a writer, actor, and comedian. She performs on the Upright Citizens Brigade team Kid Grift and has guested on their Twitter show and the Jews and Orphans show. TV appearances include, “Scrubs,” and, “Shark Swarm.”

Mason Brown

Mason Brown is a reality story producer who has worked on such shows as “Daisy of Love”, “For the Love of Ray J”, and “I Love Money.” When someone will hire him, he is also a comedy writer who has worked on “Whacked Out Sports”, “Knocked Out Sports” and “Watch This”. He was also head writer for “TV Watercooler” on the TV Guide channel. He combined both writing and producing when he worked for “Blind Date”. And a long time ago, he was managing editor of the National Lampoon. He was once licensed to practice law in the State of California, but it would be a terrible error to hire him as your attorney. He only recently realized that being a “character” actor just means that he’s ugly.


:: Music Monkey ::

Throwing Toasters

Throwing Toasters


Comedy rock band, Throwing Toasters combines the hilarious songwriting of Tenacious D with the onstage energy of Barenaked Ladies.  The only difference is that all their songs are clean there is only one band member, Grant Baciocco.  The rest of the members of seem to be figments of Grant’s imagination.  This does not seem to deter this one man Comedy Rock show from being a side splittingly funny and super high energy affair.

{October 10, 2011}